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IS Forbids the Use of Kurdish Language in Mosul
By Diyar Aziz

Militants of the Islamic State (IS) have started to dismiss Kurdish residents from Mosul and have arrested others in revenge for their defeats at the hands of Kurdish Peshmerga forces.

Saed Mamuzini, a KDP official in Mosul, told BasNews, 'IS insurgents are implementing an Arabazation policy in Mosul and have recently place the Kurdish residents of the city under great pressure.'

'The militants have also attempted to confiscate their mobile phones and communication devices,' said Mamuzini.

According to Mamuzini's information, IS militants in the Rashidiya neighbourhood have ordered some Kurds to move to Kurdish neighbourhoods.

He claims that IS militants have told Kurdish residents of the neighbourhood, 'You are Kurds and you shouldn't reside in an Arab neighbourhood.'

'In the Shrgat neighbourhood, IS insurgents have told some Kurds that they shouldn't speak in Kurdish because they live among Arabs,' added Mamuzini.

He said that Kurdish residents in Mosul do not have weapons and cannot fight IS militants. Peshmerga forces would welcome Kurdish residents of Mosul if they fled to the Kurdistan Region for their safety, but IS insurgents won't let them leave the city, said Mamuzini.

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