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Yazidis Form Militia To Protect Sinjar Mountain
By Shamal Abdullah

Yazidi refugees, based on Sinjar mountain since the Islamic State (IS) took control of Sinjar, have formed a militia and are fighting with IS Militants.

Qassim Shashou, Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) senior official, himself a Yazidi, is with the Yazidis on Sinjar mountain. He told BasNews they have formed a strong group of Yazidi militants to protect the mountain until the Peshmerga forces come to their aid.

"We formed a militia group of about 1500 and since the early morning we have fought IS militants. We have killed scores from them," said Shashou.

According to Shashou, so far they have been engaging the IS militants in Borg district about 10 km north of Sinjar in Senion town.

"We have arrested four IS militants and four military vehicles and we have put a checkpoint in Borg to secure the area," added Shashou, who is commanding the militia.

He also rejected reports that aid has been sent to the people on the mountain. He said they have not received any aid and children continue to die due to starvation and dehydration.

He said the number of children that have died since last Saturday, when people from Sinjar fled to the mountain, has reached about 25.

Shashou also scorned at those media reports that have suggested that the fighters from Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) the military wing of Syrian Kurdish party the Democratic Union Party (PYD) has been in the area fighting IS insurgents.

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