Tatian the Assyrian's Address To The Greeks



Chapter I: the Greeks Claim, Without Reason, theInvention ofthe Arts
Chapter II: The Vices and Errors of the Philosophers
Chapter III: Ridicule of the Philosophers
Chapter IV: The Christian Worship of God Alone
Chapter V: The Doctrine of the Christians as to the Creation of the World
Chapter VI: Christians' Belief in the Resurrection
Chapter VII: Concerning the Fall of Man
Chapter VIII: The Demons Sin Among Mankind
Chapter IX: They Give Rise to Superstitions
Chapter X: Ridicule of the Heathen Divinities
Chapter XI: The Sin of Men Due Not to Fate, But to Freewill
Chapter XII: The Two Kinds of Spirits
Chapter XIII: Theory of the Soul's Immortality
Chapter XIV: The Demons Shall Be Punished More Severely
Chapter XV: Necessity of a Union With the Holy Spirit
Chapter XVI: Vain Display of Power be the Demons
Chapter XVII: They Falsely Promise Health to their Votaries
Chapter XVIII: They Deceive, Instead of Healing
Chapter XIX: Depravity Lies at the Bottom of Demon Worship
Chapter XX: Thanks Are Ever Due to God
Chapter XXI: Doctrines of the Christians and Greeks
Chapter XXII: Ridicule of the Solemnities of the Greeks
Chapter XXIII: Of the Pugilists and Gladiators
Chapter XXIV: Of the Other Public Amusements
Chapter XXV: Boastings and Quarrels of the Philosophers
Chapter XXVI: Ridicule of the Studies of the Greeks
Chapter XXVII: The Christians Are Hated Unjustly
Chapter XXVIII: Condemnation of the Greek Legislation
Chapter XXIX: Account of Tatian's Conversion
Chapter XXX: How He Resolved to Resist the Devil
Chapter XXXI: The Philosophy of the Christians More
Chapter XXXII: The Doctrine of the Christians, is Opposed to Dissensions, and Fitted For All
Chapter XXXIII: Vindication of Christian Women
Chapter XXXIV: Ridicule of the Statues Erected by the Greeks
Chapter XXXV: Tatian Speaks as an Eyewitness
Chapter XXXVI: Testimony of the Chaldeans to the Antiquity of Moses
Chapter XXXVII: Testimony of the Phoenicians
Chapter XXXVIII: The Egytpians Place Moses in the Reign of Inachus
Chapter XXXIX: Catalogue of the Argive Kings
Chapter XL: Moses More Ancient and Credible Than the Heathen Heroes
Chapter XLI
Chapter XLII: Concluding Statement as to the Author

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