The Lost Peoples of the Middle East

F. David Andrews, Ed.


Kurdish Nationalists Protest Ill-treatment at Hands of Iraqi Government

Letter from Kurdish Leaders
Memorandum on the Kurdish Question

Assyrian Leaders Plea Case for an Independent Nation

The Assyrian Problem

Documents on the Kurdish Situation

The Kurdish Massacre on the Day of Allied Victory
Petition of Kurdish Tribes of Iran
Program of the Kurdish Hope Society

Campaign in Iraq Against the Kurds
British Advisor's View of the Kurdish Question
British Role in Iraqi Attempts to Resolve the Kurdish Problem
Communist Propaganda in the Kurdish Language
The Jewish Anti-Zionist League in Iraq
Kurds Protest Iraqi, Iranian and Turkish Efforts at Suppression of Kurdish Independence Aims

Proclamation of the Kurdish Rizgari Party

Proclamation of the Kurdish Rizgari Party
Disturbances in Kurdistan
The Dahngi Rasti Kurdish Society

Document on the Aims & Program of the Party

Manifesto of the Rizgari Kurdish Party
Racial Disturbances in Khuzistan
Abadan Strike News
Tribal War in Iraq
The Kurdish Democratic Party (KDP)

Appeal from the Party against imperialism
Provisions of the National Charter of the Kurdish Democratic Party
Program of the Kurdish Democratic Party
National Charter of the KDP (Iraq)
Declaration of the Congress of the KDP
Appeal of the Congress of the KDP
Manifesto of the Kurdish Democratic Army
Protest of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan

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