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Galen and the Ancient Assyrian Manuscript
Ancient Assyria in Color
Rossini and the Assyrian Queen
Isaac of Nineveh
The Assyrian Citadel in Los Angeles
Beneath Biblical Prophet's Tomb
The Assyrian King and His Aqueduct
New Light on Ancient Epics
Medicine and Mesopotamia
The Cursed Assyrian Stele and the British Police
The Science of Anuptaphobia
Assyrians Ruled By Social Media
Iraqi Assyrian Makes Faith-based Films
Jonah's Assyrian King
The Assyrian Poet
The Sneaker Speaker
City of Merchants
Edible Cuneiform
Assyrian Ghostbusters
The Baklava Wars
Archaeologists Unearth Record of Ancient Assyria's Demise
The Assyrian Artist From Iraq
The Anti Butcher
Semiramis, the Assyrian Queen
Assyrian, Athens and Italy
Lost and Found: the Assyrian Fortress
Origins of Ordinary Things: Eyewear
From Stews to Stars: the World's Oldest Writing
The Earthquake and the Archaeological Treasures
4,000-Year-Old Tablets Reveal Locations Of The 11 Lost Cities Of Assyria
Nineveh -- Heart of an Ancient Empire
The First Infertility Diagnosis
The Lock and Key: From Assyria to Now
Warfare and Culture in World History
Inspired By Fellow Assyrians
Persecuted Language Finds a Home in Hamilton
Cultural Practices and Pain Management
Decline of a Lingua Franca
Brush Up on Your Ancient Akkadian
The Unknown Motherland
Jonah and the Eclipse in Ancient Nineveh
Sacred Music From Syria
First Baptism in 150 Years At Turkish Church
2,700-year-old Assyrian-era Reservoir Unearthed in Israel
The Forgotten Assyrian Queen
Get Soaked At Assyrian Water Festival
Saint Thaddeus and the Assyrians
Eclipses and Fire-eating Dragons
Assyrian Writer Honored in Iran
Toronto and the Assyrian Film Producer
Preserving the History of the Assyrian Empire
Puerto Rican-Assyrian Humor
The Early Assyrian Settlers in Western Canada
Why You Should Eat Like the Ancient Assyrians Ate
Inside the Assyrian Palace Revealed in Fight for Mosul
Anatolian Borders of Assyrian Empire Revealed
Diplomacy and Warfare in the Neo-Assyrian Empire
An Assyrian Guardian Angel in London
Assyrian Appointed As New Police Chief for Turlock
When Turkish Was Written in the Greek, Armenian and Assyrian Script

Galen and the Ancient Assyrian Manuscript

By Rafi Letzter

A team of researchers are firing high-powered X-rays into a very old book of not-very-interesting hymns. And the explanation for why they're doing so is nearly two millennia in the making.

Ancient Assyria in Color

By Tom Porter

With a flick of a switch, the lights on the projector came on accompanied by a sharp intake of breath from the assembled crowd at the Bowdoin College Museum of Art. The 3,000-year old Assyrian stone relief in front of them erupted into color.

Rossini and the Assyrian Queen

By Mike Silverman

(AP) -- When Elizabeth DeShong comes onstage and sings her bravura opening aria in Rossini's "Semiramide," audiences at the Metropolitan Opera may be scratching their heads trying to recall when they've heard her before.

Isaac of Nineveh

By Nancy Enright

Core Fellow Jason Scully recently published a book entitled Isaac of Ninevah's Eschatology (Oxford University Press, 2018) in Oxford's Early Christian Studies series. Dr. Scully has been teaching in the Core for several years, and he brings his knowledge about church history into his teaching.

The Assyrian Citadel in Los Angeles

By Audrey Ngo

On Interstate 5, near the City of Commerce, a regal building flanks the congested road. Complete with concrete battlements and tall and winged figures, it's the Citadel -- L.A.'s only outlet mall. And it makes quite a statement.

Beneath Biblical Prophet's Tomb

By Owen Jarus

Deep inside looters' tunnels dug beneath the Tomb of Jonah in the ancient Iraq city of Nineveh, archaeologists have uncovered 2,700-year-old inscriptions that describe the rule of an Assyrian king named Esarhaddon.

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