The Assyrian Diaspora
Edward and Irene Kliszus


Section I - The Assyrians
The Claims Of The Assyrians Before The Conference Of The Preliminaries Of Peace At Paris, 1919
The Middle East In The Post-War World
Section II - Life In Urumia Before World War I
Transcript Of A Tape Jack Badal
New Britain Connecticut
Excerpts From Psalms And Song Of A Persian
Section III - Introduction Of Presbyterian Work And Its Significance
American Board Of Commissioners For Foreign Missions
Urumia 1871
The Nestorians
A Century Of Mission Work In Iran (Persia) 1834-1934
Urumia 1910-1920
General Assembly Of The Presbyterian Church In The U.S.A. 1917
Excerpts From The Presbyterian, In House Organ Of The Presbyterian Church
General Assembly Of The Presbyterian Church In The U.S.A., Reports Of The Boards 1899-1917
American Presbyterian Missionaries At Urmia During The Great War
Section  IV - The March To Hamadan And The Turkish Massacre
Excerpts On The March To Hamadan, Persia
Excerpts From The Tragedy Of The Assyrians
Circa 1933
Eyewitness Accounts Of March To Hamadan -- 1918
Section V - Memories Of Life In America
Memories-Sylvia Aurahan Weidemann
Memories-Irene Aurahan Kliszus
Sundays At South Beach
Memories-Danette Benita Christensen
Mama Mary Yohannan Auraham
Growing Up In An Assyrian Family
Section VI - Genealogy
Sylvia Aurahan Weidemann
Irene Aurahan Kliszus
Danette Benita Aurahan  Barth Christensen
Joseph David Jacob
Dr. Jack D. Jacob
Y. Pete Jacob
Julie Jacob Golpashin
Section VII: Correspondence From February 3, 1997-April 26, 1999
Section VIII Assyrian Recipes

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