Syriac Orthodox Church Opens University in Syria
International Conference Explores Assyrian Christianity
UN Envoy: New Iraq Government Plans to Uproot IS Extremists
Turkish Air Strikes Kill 19 Kurdish Militants in Northern Iraq
'Next Time We Will Not Survive' -- Middle East Christian Refugee
Northern Iraq May Be Free, But the South Is Seething
Assyrian Militia Sends Reinforcements to Aid in SDF Offensive in Syria
Modern Martyrs Show Unity in Christ, Pope and Assyrian Catholicos Say
Pope Prays for Peace in Middle East With Head of Assyrian Church
Assyrians Lament $31 Million Sale of Nimrud Artifact
Mosul and the True Face of Islam
200 Mass Graves Containing the Remains of 12,000 ISIS Victims Are Discovered in Iraq
Record-Setting Sale Of An Ancient Assyrian Stone Relief Sparks Looting Fears In Iraq
Sale of Assyrian Sculpture Sparks Controversy
Money Moves Again in Iraq's Mosul, But Not Via Banks
Appointments Perpetuate Iraq's Corrupt System
Assyrian Parties Denounce Turkish Encroachments in Northern Syria
Seven Christians Killed in Egypt in Assault Near Coptic Monastery
The Assyrian King of the World
Scholar Speaks on the Assyrian, Armenian, Greek, and Yezidi Genocides
Life After ISIS for Assyrians in Iraq
Iraq Begins Restoration of ISIS-wrecked Mosul Churches
Assyrian Sculpture Claimed By Iraq Sells for $31 Million in New York
Ancient Assyrian Sculpture Up for Sale At Christie's -- But Should it Ever Have Left Iraq?
Assyrians Rebuild in Iraq Post-ISIS Genocide
Trump Administration Redoubles Its Efforts to Get Aid to Iraq's Assyrians
The Annihilation of Iraq's Assyrians
ISIS Retakes Syrian Territory Near Iraq Border
Assyrian Journalist Betrayed By the Indifference of the West Over Syria
France to Take in 100 Yazidi Women Stranded in Iraqi Kurdistan
Iraqi Parliament Confirms Government, But Some Posts Left Unfilled
Iraq Tries to Stop New York Sale of 3,000-year-old Assyrian Artifact
Thousands of Christians Leaving Homs: Vatican Envoy
The End of Multiculturalism Turkey's Kurdish Region
Opposition Parties Reject Election Results in Iraq's Kurdish Region
KDP Wins Most Seats in Iraq's Kurdish Parliamentary Polls
88,000 Rebels Killed in Syria in Three Years: Russia
3,200-year-old Artifact Linked to Assyria Found in Eastern Turkey
Assyrians, Armenians At Odds in Formation of New Lebanese Government
US Official 'Disagrees' With Iraqi Cardinal Over US Help for Christians
UN Official: Syria Has Withdrawn Controversial Property Law
"There Is No Future Left in Syria": A Conversation With a Family of Refugees
US Briefs Iraq Chaldean Head, Vatican on Aid After Critique
Is There Hope for Reform in Post-Election Iraq?
Assyrians in Iraq Facing Extinction, Says Archbishop
U.s. Warns of Bigger 'Risk' That Nations Will Attack One Another Over War in Syria
Chaldean Cardinal Says Promised US Aid for Iraq Hasn't Come
Swedish-Assyrian MP Says Integration is the Key
After 60 Years, First Prayer At 1,500-year-old Assyrian Church in Turkey
Restoring Assyrian Reliefs
Knights of Columbus Teams With U.S. Government to Assist Assyrians in Iraq
ISIS Reverting to Insurgency Tactics After Losing Caliphate
Muslims Defied ISIS to Save Two Ancient Assyrian Manuscripts in Mosul
Despite Assyrian Journalist's Release, Fears of More Kurdish Abuses Remain: Bishop
In Syria's Relatively Quiet, Majority-Kurdish Northeast, Rumblings of Assyrian Discontent
Assyrian Writer Reflects on Minority Rights in Syria's Northeast
Rumors Stoke Islamist Attacks on Egyptian Copts
Iraqi Archbishop Fears More Persecution, Says IS Went Underground
Central Bank of Iraq Unveils New 1000 Dinar Banknote Featuring Assyrian Star
Proposed Law Puts Syria's Religious Diversity At Risk

Syriac Orthodox Church Opens University in Syria

On November 6, 2018, as a milestone in the new history of our Syriac Orthodox Church, His Holiness Patriarch Mor Ignatius Aphrem II inaugurated the Antioch Syrian University (ASU), in the presence of His Excellency Dr. Atef Al-Naddaf, Minister of Higher Education in Syria, in ASU in Maarat Saydnaya. The inauguration was also attended by Dr.

International Conference Explores Assyrian Christianity

A two-day conference entitled "Syriac Christianity at the Crossroads of Cultures" gathered researchers from all over the world at the Pontifical Oriental Institute in Rome last week. Both Mar Gewargis III, Patriarch of the Assyrian Church of the East, and Cardinal Louis Sako, Patriarch of Babylon of the Chaldeans, participated in the opening session of the conference commemorating the 700th...

UN Envoy: New Iraq Government Plans to Uproot IS Extremists

By Edith M. Lederer

UNITED NATIONS (AP) -- Iraq's new government plans to intensify efforts to uproot cells of the Islamic State extremist group and introduce "robust measures" to achieve sustainable security throughout the country, the country's U.N. envoy said Tuesday. Jan Kubis told the U.N.

Turkish Air Strikes Kill 19 Kurdish Militants in Northern Iraq

ISTANBUL (Reuters) -- Turkish forces has killed 19 militants from the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) during air strikes in northern Iraq, the Defence Ministry said on Tuesday. The air strikes targeted several regions in northern Iraq, including the Qandil mountains, a PKK stronghold, Turkey's Defence Ministry said on Twitter.

'Next Time We Will Not Survive' -- Middle East Christian Refugee

As many as 80% of Syria's Christians have left their country since the start of the civil war in 2011, while 50% of Iraq's Christians have been uprooted since 2006, according to a report produced by Christian charities Open Doors International, Served and Middle East Concern last year, which said the arrival of IS was only the "tipping point" of a trend already gathering pace as Christians...

Northern Iraq May Be Free, But the South Is Seething

By Ahmed Twaij

BASRA, Iraq -- Recent violent protests in the southern Iraqi city of Basra have brought to light years of suffering by Iraqis in what is known as the economic capital of Iraq due to its vast oil reserves and deep-sea port access connecting the country to the international market. Basra, a predominantly Shiite city, also has a significant minority population, including black Iraqis and Christians.

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