The Assyrian Treasures of Nimrud. The tombs of the Queens Yaba, Banitu& Atalia. The jewlery has an amazing level of detail.

MESOPOTAMIA Very well designed web site covering various areas within Mesopotamia (Assyria, Babylon, Sumer). Highly recommended

The History of Massage. Assyrians developed treatments using massage which they sometimes combined with herbs.

The Origin of Finance. Explains how ancient Assyrians applied such concepts as mutual funds, law suits, mortgages, etc.

Babyloniaca Ancient & Modern Mesopotamian Texts & Links

The Tomb of Semiramis. The Famous Assyrian Queen.

The Seven Wonders: The Hanging Gardens of 'Babylon' 

ANE directory Directory of ancient near east scholars 

Ancient Medicine Discusses Ancient Mesopotamian Medicine

ANCIENT INVENTIONS   Abook showing the earliest known example of the tumbler lock and key system was found in the ruins of the palace of Khorsabad, built by the Assyrian king Sargon II 

Ancient Composite Bows Evidence in favour of the theory of the Assyrian nationality of the bow & arrow

Cooking  can openers were discovered by the Assyrians?

Glassmaking Discovered Showing how glass making was first known in Assyria

Backgammon : A page stating that Assyrians invented this wonderful game.

Spot Markers : Did you know that Spot Markers (Bullets) were first used by the Assyrians ?

Astrological types Developed by the ancient Assyrians 

Mesopotamian math Another Assyrian contribution to mankind.

Ancient Near Eastern Texts Including The Birth of Sargon story, Annals of Sennacherib and Assyrian marriage contracts.

Tatian The Assyrian : One of the early Christian fathers who wrote of his nationality being Assyrian.

ESSENTIAL ART HISTORY : Angels as messengers in Christianity is shown to have Assyrian roots.

Time Life Video Lost Civilizations Detail : Great videos about Mesopotamia.

Akkadian language: A wonderful page showing how close Akkadian is to modern Assyrian.

ORIENTAL INSTITUTE VIRTUAL MUSEUM : Take a tour of the well known Oriental Institue museum and see the monolithic Winged bull of Assyria.

The Abzu index : The most comprehensive ancient near easter index of the web.

The History of the Saint Bernard Dog : Also known as the Assyrian Dog.

Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations Index : Department of Near East studies at the U. of Toronto

Discoveries At Nineveh The complete book "A Popular Account of Discoveries at Nineveh" by Austen Henry Layard. J. C. Derby. New York. 1854.

Stolen Stones Another article about the theft of Assyrian artifacts.

RIM Home Page Royal Inscription of Mesopotamia Project of the University of Toronto.

State Archives of Assyria : The SAA project of the University of Helsinki.

Muslims and the Oil Industries (7th - 19th Century) 

Mesopotamia (Women in World History Curriculum) :Accessing Women's Lives in Mesopotamia

Female Hero: Sorghaghtani Beki (Women in World History Curriculum) : The famous 'Nestorian' Christian.

CSMS Home Page : Canadian Society for Mesopotamian Studies

CUNEIFORM TEXTS FROM ARCHAIC BABYLONIA : A useful database of cuneiform texts

SEBcResources - charts&Maps 

The Journal of Biblical Studies 

Kenneth Hayden Fine Art Gallery Page 

ANES - Institute of Ancient Near Eastern Studies - Prague 


Phoenicia : The famous And important part of the Assyrian empire.

Permanent Collection - Ancient Near Eastern Art 

Gilgamesh : The famous epic.

The Babylonians 

Odyssey Online: Near East 

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon : Another page on tone of the seven wonders of the world.

Royal Ontario Museum - Virtual Dig Out 

Math Forum - Ask Dr. Math 

A Guide to Ancient Near Eastern Astronomy 

America and Britain in Prophecy 

Tell Tuneinir Archaeological Dig 

Ancient Coin & Antiquities Gallery 

Ancient Art Creations Dying Lioness Relief : The famous lion scene.

Scottish Rite Temple - Guthrie, Oklahoma 


AH50 Slide List.html : Nice pictures of the glazed brick found in Assyria.

links relevant to the Akkadian language (Babylonian and Assyrian cuneiform texts) 

Data: 1499 BC to 1000 BC - The Ethnohistory Project 

Winged Genie, Brooklyn Museum 

Ancient Near East. 

Sam Ruff's Photographs of Iraq, 1954 - 1956 


Universitas Helsingiensis 3/1995 : The university of Helsinki Symposium 'ASSYRIA 1995'.

Observing the Constellations 

The Truth About the Virgin -- Home Page : An eccentric loook at relating the mother of Christ to Ishtar.

Graduate Program in the History of Art 

World History (world) 

Yamaguchi Prefectural Art Museum 3 

Archaeology and Conservation 

International Journal Of Cultural Property 

Prehistory - Mesopotamia 

Missouri Theatre 

Ancient Mesopotamia 

The Assyro-Babylonian Mythology FAQ 


Professor Finds Ancient Frieze in Students' 'Sweet Shop' 

JNSL Home Page 

Classics on-line Course Database 

Ziggourat Communications Homepage 

Archaeologists and others 

World Sounds 

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