Shuraya Assyrian party: Shuraya is an Assyrian political party with roots in Lebanon starting in 1978. Shuraya has branches in several cities in Europe as well.

GHB website: Mesopotamia Freeedome Party's official website. Very informative with many magazines, tv program, articles, etc. GHB is one of the most active political parties in Europe and in the homeland.

Assyrian Orphanage & School Association of America, Inc.: Founded in 1899, this organization has been helping Assyrians in the middle east for over 100 years.

The Assyrians of Tataristan: A web site in Russian about the Assyrians of Tataristan

The Assyrian Society of UK: This active organization provides a wonderful collection of documents and pictures of Assyrians past and presnt.

The Assyro-Chaldean organizations of France: Four active organizations in France

ABGD Assyrian organization of Germany: Website in German and English on the organization and its activities (Chat included).

The Assyrian Patriotic Party: An Assyrain political organization based North Iraq and Germany

Assyrian Star Drama Group: Based in Los Angeles, California, this group has brought several productions to the Assyrian community since 1995.

The Assyrian Association of Germany: An active organization with its center in Berlin. Visit their forum!

CARE: Chaldean Americans Reaching and encouraging: A result oriented, active community organization in Detroit, MI.

The Assyrian American Association of Houston: founded in 1986 in order to preserve Assyrian language, culture and heritage.

The Assyrian American National Federation: Established in 1933 with affiliates throughout the USA.

The Assyrian Student Union of London, Ontario, Canada: A new an active sudent union based in The university of Western Ontario

The Assyrian Federation of Sweden One of the most organized Assyrian group in the world.

The Assyrian Universal Alliance An umbrella organization with affiliates from many countires. Established in 1968. 

The Assyrian Democratic Organization: Mtakasta, the oldest and most successful active Assyrian political organization in the world. pages in Arabic, Swedish, English and Assyrian.

Bet-Nahrain On-line: One of the most successful media based political organizations in the U.S. The page has live television, The bet-nahrain magazine, radio, plus other information.

The Chaldean Assyrian homepage A nice homepage with images and sound bites specific to Chaldean Assyrians.

The Assyrian Youth Association of Sweden Having thousands of members active in several prjects including the annual Assyrian camp.

Assyrian Student Union of Califronia: Containing pictures and articles regarding the Assryain student activities in California.

Assyrian womens federation of Sweden att vara en huvudorgan som skall representera kvinnoverksamheten i de lokala assyriska föreningarnas kvinnokommitt er.

Shamiram: The home of the Assyrian American women, Shamiram in Cyberspace.

Assyrian Academic Society: This U.S. based organization has members in several countires and published a semi-annual journal.

Zowaa On-line The Swedish homepage of the Assyrian Demcoratic Movement. The hope of all Assyrians in our homeland, Assyria.

ASSYRIAN RIGHTS ADVOCACY COMMITTEE: Established to ENSURE that the basic human needs of our people are met, both at home and abroad. 

The Australian Assyrian Academic Society: An active society based in Australia. TAAAS also published a journal 'Purely Academic' and a newsletter.

THE ASSYRIAN SOCIETY for STUDENTS and ACADEMICIANS: A swedish Assyrian academic society.

Assyrians For Education: A non profit organization created to Establish Assyrian Private Schools throughout the world.

The Assyrian school action committee: established to provide a quality educational foundation for Assyrian children.

The Assyrian Association of San Jose: An organization that is active in Television and education.

The Homelandfoundation of Dr. Melek The purpose of the Foundation is to financially support our people in the homeland.

PAUL YOUHANIAN ENDOWMENT FUND: The trust was founded in February, 1997 by Youhanian family of Paul Alex Yonhanian for the purposes of granting scholarships to students of Assyrian Ancestry.

Assyriska FF: This soccer club is the pride and joy of Assyrian Athletes around the world. Great site.

Assyriska TAIK: The athletic branch of the Assyrian Tur-Abdin Union in Joenkoeping. Their specialty is Volleyball.

St. Marzia Assyrian Organization: An AANF affiliate organization based in Cicago, Illinois, USA.

The Assyrian American Association of Southern California: An active Assyrian organization in Southern California. An AANF affilliate.

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