Syrian Orthodox Resources Very professional site about the Syriac orthodox church. The site contains many useful tools including a virtual library, discussion forums, links and other resources. 

Assyrian Monasteries in Iraq  Information about Assyrian Christian monasteries in present day Iraq.  The page includes maps showing proximity to nearby cities, or ancient towns.  Most monasteries are being cared for by the Chaldean Assyrian church. 

The Chaldean Diocese.  The Diocese of St. Thomas the Apostle in the United States.  The official he3adquarters of the Chaldean church in the US. 

The Maronite Way Web Site Nice Syriac Maronite site in three languages: Syriac, French, and English 

Patriarch of Antioch and all the East Another nice Assyrian orthodox page. 

Assyrian Church of the East The Assyrian church of the East homepage. Including several information on the recent plans of unity between the church of the East and the Chaldean church. Has several audio clips of pryers and hymns as well as syriac documents in pdf format. 

History of the Chaldean Church.  Since its establishment in the mid 16th century to today. 

Syrian orthodox Church A nice new page with a veriety of information on our great church including hymns, language, history, etc. 

Saint George Assyrian Chaldean Mission Representing Assyrian catholics. 

Saint Mary's Syrian orthodox Church.  The first Syrian Orthodox Church established in the United States 

Maronite American Research Institute A valuable research center for all Assyrians. The staff may be contacted by e-mail at 

SELECTIONS FROM THE ASSYRIAN LITURGY Translation of the Sunday Razah based on the church of the East mass. 

Monuments of Ancient Georgia Ancient Monestary built by the 13 Assyrian fathers! 

Mar Toma site: A nice site with information of the Mar Toma church of India. 

The Aramaic Bible Society, Inc. Founded by the late George Lamsa.  

Catholic Encyclopedia: THE LEGEND OF ABGAR Believed to be the first Christian king in the world. 

St. Mary's Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church  

400th Anniversary of the Kirishtan Holocaust A sad event that took place in Japan against Eastern Christians. 

By Foot to China: Mission of The Church of the East, To 1400 by John M.L. Young 

AltaVista Search: Simple Query "Maronites"  

Catholic Encyclopedia: EAST SYRIAN RITE  


Catholic Encyclopedia: ASSUR  

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