LEARN Assyrian Aramaic A very well designed website that has all you need to learn the Eastern Assyrian (Syriac)  

Omra.com A new site with information on Assyrian schools in North Iraq as well as a forum and chat sessions.  

Ylaf Leshonokh Learn to read and write Western Syriac with this easy to follow page . 

MAKE YOUR PC display Syriac Step by Step procedure to make your pc read and write Syriac - Free! thanks to Michael Davodian 

Allap-Taw A great new site that is fully done in Eastern Assyrian. Agreat place to learn Swadaya dialect. 

Learn Aramaic the First of the 3 part series course for learning western Assyrian (neo-aramaic). developed by the maronite church. 

The Assyrian Academic Society This site has an online course of the modern Eastern Assyrian language. It is geared for English speaking adult students of the language. 

The Assyrian language guide See and Hear common phrases in the main dialects of Assyrian (Turoyo & Madinkhaya). Very useful for English speakers who want to learn simple Assyrian phrases. 

Learn Assyrian Online: Written by Robert Ochanna, this site has great multimedia features allowing the user to hear examples of how each letter is pronounced in several words. 

Learn Assyrian CDROM: A great multimedia tool for students of all ages. This inexpensive software has helped many in learning the language in record time. 

Ethnologue: Language Code Lookup: AII Search under Assyrian or Syriac for some interesting information. 

Dr. Berlin's Foreign Font Archive - Syriac Free Syriac fonts. 

UCLA Language Materials Project  

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