Iraq's Neighbors Siphon Fertile Crescent Water Supply

By Gilgamesh Nabeel and Mahmoud al-Najjar

BAGHDAD -- The Islamic State hold on territory has been broken, but Iraq now faces another existential threat as it battles neighboring Iran and Turkey for access to an increasingly scarce flow of water to the once-flourishing Fertile Crescent running down the spine of the country.

Turkey's Christians Are Facing Increasing Persecution

By Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith

So, what exactly is happening in Turkey, traditionally a very important country for America and the West? Turkey is, after all, a member of NATO, it occupies a strategic position between Europe and the Middle East, it has the potential to be act as a bridge of understanding between us and the...

The Geopolitical Threats in Post-IS Mosul

By Diyari Salih

In 2014, IS controlled Mosul city. That terror group was able to exploit the conditions of this city to its advantage. Thus, it extended its hegemony over Mosul city for two years. In 2017, the Iraqi army launched a successful operation to liberate Mosul.

Chilling Accounts of Torture, Deaths in Iraq

Beirut -- Two former detainees and the father of a man who died in detention have provided details of ill-treatment, torture, and death in facilities run by the Iraqi Interior Ministry in the Mosul area, Human Rights Watch said today.

Senator McCain Sends Letter on Assyrians to Kurdish President

(AINA) -- Former Republican presidential candidate and current Senator from Arizona, John McCain, sent a letter to Kurdish President Massoud Barzani regarding Assyrians in the Kurdish region in north Iraq. In the letter, dated May 25, McCain expresses "...

Iraq Protests Bubble Up Over Poverty, Corruption

By Manuel Langendorf

Iraq has been hit by months of protests. As temperatures soared to around 50 degrees Celsius in the south, electricity cuts were introduced after Iran limited energy supplies in July. As a result, people in Basra and beyond took to the streets to call for better public services.

Iraq's Edenic Marshlands Are Drying Out Again

By Tracey Shelton

The Central Marsh used to be full of water and life. Now, many locals have been forced to migrate from the cracked, bare earth that surrounds their villages. This time, climate change, poor water management, and dams further upstream are among the culprits.

Turkey's Violation of Human Rights Must Be Challenged

By Sabri Atman

(AINA) -- When speaking about the Ottoman Empire and Turkey today, it is not their contribution to civilization that comes to mind. Instead it is human rights violations, confiscation of land and property, genocide and genocide denials that are most frequently discussed in the public discourse.

A Wedding Fusion of Assyria and Samoa

By Sapeer Mayron

(Sydney) -- In what may have been a nation first, Apia was witness to a wedding combining two diverse cultures -- Assyrian and Samoan.


Assyrians Walk Across Golden Gate Bridge for Genocide Awareness
Kurds in Syria Shutdown Assyrian School for Refusing Kurdish Curriculum
Assyrian Mayor in Iraq Who Was Illegally Removed Reinstated
Assyrians Commemorate Martyrs Day Amid Strife and Exodus From Middle East
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Assyrian Monitor for Human Rights Issues Report on Christian Persecution in Syria
Swedish Foreign Minister Addresses Assyrian Community on Genocide Recognition
Assyrian MP From Iran Delivers Opening Speech At Conference in Berlin
US State Department 2017 Report on Religious Freedom
Assyrian Confederation Participates in UN Conference on Role of Diasporas
Assyrians in Sweden Critical of Government's Position on Genocide Bill
California Recognizes Assyrian Genocide
EU Commission's Turkey Report Touches on Property Rights As Well
Cologne Orders Armenian Genocide Memorial Removed


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Iraq's Neighbors Siphon Fertile Crescent Water Supply
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Turkey's Christians Are Facing Increasing Persecution
The Geopolitical Threats in Post-IS Mosul
Chilling Accounts of Torture, Deaths in Iraq
Iraq Protests Bubble Up Over Poverty, Corruption
Iraq's Edenic Marshlands Are Drying Out Again
Iraq Bloc Rejects Alliance Based on Religion, Ethnicity
Assyrian Church May Have Paid Islamic State a Million Dollars in Ransoms


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Teaching People to Commit Genocide
'Don't Cry, Sandra' -- Immortal Words of Faith and Hope From an Assyrian Refugee Girl

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Turkey's Violation of Human Rights Must Be Challenged
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