KRG Speaker: Independent Kurdish State Complex Issue

By Mustafa Saadoun

SULAIMANIYAH, Iraqi Kurdistan -- When Yusuf Mohammed Sadiq took up the position of speaker of the Kurdish parliament at the age of 36, the political circles in Iraq, and in particular the Kurdish ones, were shocked, as having a young man in this senior position was an unexpected development.

Turkey Passes Last Article of Constitutional Change

By Handan Kazancı and Burcu Arik

Lawmakers on Sunday adopted the last article of a constitutional reform package that allows a partisan president, unlike current Turkish Constitution. A total of 481 of 550 deputies participated the secret ballot session on the Article 18 on Sunday night at Parliament's General Assembly.

Understanding the Christian Crisis in the Middle East

(AINA) -- Elizabeth Kendal, an international religious liberty analyst and advocate, has published a book titled After Saturday Comes Sunday: Understanding the Christian Crisis in the Middle East. The book explores the state and future of the Christians of the Middle East. Dr.

Legendary Assyrian American's Works Published

By Svante Lundgren

(AINA) -- David B. Perley was one of the 20th century's most influential figures among America's Assyrians. Perley was born in 1901 in Harput but fled during the genocide and came to the US in 1918 where he resided for the rest of his life.

In Parts of Mosul, a Semblance of Normality Despite War

By Isabel Coles

(Reuters) -- In some parts of Mosul, you can almost forget that a war is being waged over the city between Iraqi forces and Islamic State militants who still control more than half of it - at least momentarily.

US Alarmed By Turkey's Anti-Western Rhetoric

The United States is alarmed by the 'ridiculous' rhetoric from the Turkish government officials attacking American foreign policy and even suggesting that the US is supporting ISIS.

Senator McCain Sends Letter on Assyrians to Kurdish President

(AINA) -- Former Republican presidential candidate and current Senator from Arizona, John McCain, sent a letter to Kurdish President Massoud Barzani regarding Assyrians in the Kurdish region in north Iraq. In the letter, dated May 25, McCain expresses "...

Australia's Assyrians in Focus

By Peter Ahern

Fairfield, Australia (AINA) -- On Sunday 27 March the Australian Broadcasting Commission presented a special documentary on Australia's Assyrian community as part of the long-running and popular "Compass" series. The Assyrian community is not widely known in Australia.

US 'Thrilled' With Iraqi Progress in Mosul

By Jeff Seldin

PENTAGON (VOA) -- U.S. officials are hailing the latest push by Iraqi forces into Mosul, confirming reports that a key government building has been retaken from Islamic State fighters. A senior U.S.

The Winds of Change Are Blowing in Europe

By Peter Ahern

(AINA) -- If 2015 in Europe was most memorable for the hundreds of thousands of refugees who traipsed across the continent, 2016 will be marked by the dramatic increase in terrorist attacks at different European locations. Sadly, these two developments are not unconnected.

Erdoğan's Gambit for Mosul

By Scott Morgan

(AINA) -- Earlier this week it was revealed that U.S. President Obama held a phone call with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. The topic of the conversation was the Operation to liberate Mosul and a role that Turkey wants to play. Let's ponder this for a second.

Agatha Christie Had Little-known Role in Ancient Nimrud

By Lori Hinnant

NIMRUD, Iraq (AP) -- Her diligence and face cream cleaned Nimrud's most famous ivory. She captured the archaeological dig on celluloid and Kodak film, developing the prints in water painstakingly filtered from the nearby Tigris River.

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